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Bunion Surgery Recovery Is Not What It Used To Be…

Immediate Walking

  • No Casts
  • No Crutches

All Thanks to Dr. Blitz’ Revolutionary Patented Bunion Surgery Implant

And, Improved Cosmetic Outcome With Bunionplasty®

Bunion surgery has changed dramatically in the past few years, however not all bunion surgeons provide the most modern techniques with the best outcomes. Particularly, the post bunion surgery recovery process has drastically changed, especially for larger bunions, making casts and crutches nearly obsolete. Additionally, some advanced techniques (Bunionplasty®) have allowed a better cosmetic outcome by avoiding the traditional scar to the top of the foot.

Immediate Walking After Bunion Surgery: Yes, It’s True.

Nowadays, patients can experience little down time after bunion surgery. The best bunion surgery techniques allow walking after bunion surgery in a small surgical shoe, regardless of bunion size. Dr. Blitz’ unique patented bunion surgery implant has revolutionized bunion surgery because it allows his patients the ability to walk immediately after bunion surgery for BOTH small bunions and large bunions.

Bunionectomy time for walking

Improved Cosmetic Appearance Of Scar

Bunionplasty® (plastic surgery for bunions) has allowed the incision to be hidden mainly on the inside of the foot, rather than completely on the top of the foot.

Traditional Bunion Surgery Comparison Before After NYC
Bunionplasty Comparison Before After NYC

“No longer is the scar needed to be placed directly on the top of the foot, and plastic surgery techniques are performed to decrease scarring.”

Dr. Neal Blitz
Creator of the Bunionplasty®

Bunion Surgery, Explained

Bunion treatment with bunion surgery generally involves bone procedures to realign the deviated bones of the big toe joint. The size of the bunion generally dictates the method of correction, which has historically dictated the recovery. Bunionplasty® (cosmetic bunionectomy) refers to the method with which the skin and soft tissue is handled to limit scarring for a more pleasing visually aesthetic bunion surgery result.

The best bunion surgery method to correct the boney malalignment is based on the size of the bunion, and it’s important to determine if the bunion is small or large. Small bunion treatment with bunion surgery is generally corrected with bone cutting procedures. Large bunion treatment with bunion surgery is generally treated with bone mending (fusion) procedures.

Most Common Bone Bunion Surgery Procedures Used Today

While over hundred methods for bunion surgery have been described in the literature, there are two (and variations there-of) methods that are most frequently used:

Small/Moderate Bunion Correction
– Austin Bunionectomy –

Here only the top portion of
the bone is moved over
Learn more: Austin Bunionectomy
Moderate/Large Bunion Correction
– Lapidus Bunionectomy –

Here the entire bone
is moved over
Learn more: Lapidus Bunionectomy

Bunion Surgery Recovery

Dr. Blitz’ revolutionary procedure and techniques allows for patients to walk right after surgery regardless of the size of the bunion, without the need of casts and crutches.*

Bunioplasty Versus Traditional Bunionectomy New York

*Use of the Contours Lapidus Plating system and Dr. Blitz’ techniques

Learn More About The Different Bone Procedures

Small Bunions: Austin Bunionectomy
Large Bunions: Lapidus Bunionectomy

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