Choosing a Bunion Surgeon Los Angles or New York City

The best bunion surgeon you choose to do your bunion surgery may be the most important choice you make during this process.

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  • Foot Health Blogger for Huffington Post.
  • Highly quoted in the media and news outlets.
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Some Guidelines For Choosing A Bunion Surgeon

Obviously bunion surgeons with significant experience in bunion surgery may be better suited to perform your bunion surgery. This does not mean you are guaranteed not to have a complication, rather an experienced surgeon may have less technically-associated complications. Additionally, an experienced foot surgeon may better choose the type of surgery that’s best suited for you.

Find a Board Certified Bunion Surgeon
The quickest way to feel confident that your surgeon is qualified to perform your bunion surgery is to find a Board Certified surgeon. This is probably the most important thing you can do. Board Certification status indicates that the surgeon has demonstrated to his/her peers a specific knowledge in their specialty.

For Podiatric Surgeons the most recognized surgical Board Certification is the American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery. Orthopedists are Certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery (not all orthopedists specialize in foot surgery however there are Foot & Ankle fellowships).

Foot and Ankle surgery is performed by both Podiatric Surgeons and Orthopedists. Both professions have excellent surgeons as well as those who are less than excellent. You should pick your surgeon based on his/her specific training in the field of foot surgery, individual experience, qualifications and “bed-side manner”.

Overall Experience
Experience counts! It is likely that a surgeon with significant experience will better be able to perform your surgery as well as manage any complications that may occur after your surgery.

Does age matter? A little bit of gray hair can makes one feel better when picking a surgeon. One would like to think that your surgeon got those gray hairs (or lost hair) during years of experience and sleepless nights caring for patients. Younger surgeons may have more experience, employ advanced techniques and/or utilize the latest technology.

Is Your Bunion Surgeon Considered A Local Or National Expert?
Obviously, if your surgeon is lecturing locally, nationally, or internationally to other surgeons then it is likely your surgeon is quite experienced in the field. If other doctors want to hear your surgeon speak at a conference, then rest assured you likely have found a doctor who is passionate about their work. However, your surgeon doesn’t need to be nationally recognized to do an outstanding job.

Is Your Surgeon Published In Peer-reviewed Journals?
While publishing scientific articles doesn’t speak much for technical skills, it typically indicates that your bunion surgeon is interested in advancement of the profession. This is a good thing. Publishing in peer-reviewed journals is a time consuming process. Peer-reviewed means that the work is reviewed by other experts and colleagues. You can search for yourself on-line at the National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health Database.   Just type in your surgeons last name and first initial (middle initial will focus the search) in the search bar (example Neal Michael Blitz: Blitz NM).

What Do Other Patients Say About Your Bunion Surgeon?
Ask your surgeon if you could talk to other patients who have had the surgery. Sometimes it’s helpful to talk with others who have been down this path prior. People are typically honest about their experiences. Of course, your surgeon will put you in touch with patients that probably had good or excellent results. Nonetheless, this step may be helpful as you make your decision.

Perform A Google Search On Your Bunion Surgeon
A general internet search on your doctor may not tell you much about his or her capabilities but this gives you an opportunity to learn more about your Surgeon. Review sites such as Google and Yelp may provide additional information.

Read Dr. Blitz’ Google reviews

What Else Can You Do To Find A Bunion Surgeon?

  • Call your local hospital or surgery center to see who is on staff – ask for recommendations.
  • Ask friends, family and co-workers if they have had foot surgery. You’ll be surprised how many people have had an operation on their foot
  • Ask your general doctor. Depending on your coverage and if you are in a managed care plan, you may only be given names of participating surgeons. Some managed care plans may limit your ability to see specialists.
  • Check the phone book and see which Surgeons are in your area as a starting point.
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