Fly-In Program Beverly Hills OR New York City

Fly-In Bunionplasty® Program

Bunion Surgery In Beverly Hills OR NYC on Friday, Fly home on Monday.

Neal M. Blitz, DPM, FACFAS, Bunion King™ is the Creator of the Bunionlasty® (plastic surgery for bunions) and revolutionized bunion surgery recovery with his patented bunion surgery plate that allows his patients to walk immediately after surgery in a small surgical shoe (No casts, No crutches). Some patients have dubbed him the best bunion surgeon and patients travel from all over the globe to Manhattan New York NY for bunion surgery with Dr. Blitz.

Dr. Blitz’ Fly-in Bunion Surgery Program As Easy As 1-2-3.

1. First Contact

  • Call Or Email Us. Getting started requires you first make contact with the Dr. Blitz’ office, which can be done by phone at (212) 776-4250 and/or by e-mail ([email protected]).
  • Provide Foot Pictures. We require pictures of your foot to better understand your condition. They should be standing pictures and can be taken with a cell phone and emailed directly to us at [email protected] Any previous x-rays will also be helpful in identifying the surgical needs.
  • Insurance Verification. If you have health insurance, our office will perform an insurance verification so long as you provide: insurance carrier name, ID#, your date of birth, and the insurance company phone number located on the back of the card. Learn more about Insurance for bunion surgery.
  • Dr. Blitz Assessment. Once Dr. Blitz reviews your images for the bunion surgery you are interested in, and determines that you are a good candidate for surgery, you will be contacted by the practice manager. We will review the procedure, all fees, recovery, follow-up care and local hotel accommodations. We will also answer any questions you may have.

2. Fly-in to LA or NYC For Bunion Surgery

  • Meet With Dr. Blitz. Your first appointment with Dr. Blitz is expected to take approximately 1-2 hours which will involve the examination, x-rays, pre- and post-surgery instructions, review and signing of all consents.
  • Bunion Surgery Day. Surgery is usually performed the following day at either private outpatient surgery center or hospital. No overnight or hospital stay is required.

3. Recovery

  • Walking After Bunion Surgery. Dr. Blitz techniques allow his patients to walk on the surgical foot immediately after surgery in a small surgical shoe no matter the size of the bunion. Learn more about Dr. Blitz’ No Cast No Crutch bunion surgery for all bunion sizes.
  • Take It Easy. Dr. Blitz generally recommends that you take it easy after for a few days after surgery.
  • Fly-home. Depending on the extent of the surgery and the distance you are traveling from, the stay in New York or Beverly Hills can be 2-14 days. Most bunion surgery patients have surgery on a Friday and fly home on Monday.
  • Post Surgery Care. Dr. Blitz has a vast network of surgeons around the world that can perform basic follow-up care, such as remove sutures and take xrays, until you are fully healed. The follow-up surgeon keeps Dr. Blitz informed on your progress, and you will remain integrated in the practice.

Dr. Blitz’ Fly-in Bunion Surgery Program As Easy As 1-2-3.
Long Distance Bunion Surgery Consultations
For those outside of the United State, or outside of New York, we understand that traveling to NYC or LA for an initial consultation is both difficult and expensive, just to fly back for surgery shortly after. Dr. Blitz’ virtual Bunionplasty® consultation allows for us to determine what your foot needs are, and meet with Dr. Blitz (via Skype or phone call).

Don’t Take Our Word About It….
See What Our Fly-In Bunionplasty® Patients Are Saying About Their Experience

Rebecca, traveled from Shanghai

“Dr. Blitz has transformed my life”

Roula, traveled from Jordan

“One of the best decisions”

Judy, traveled from Canada

“Dr. Blitz allowed me to walk”

Taylor, from Minnesota

“My feet look beautiful”

Laura, from Florida

“The travel to New York was easy”

Diana, New York City

“I can’t tell you how thankful I am”

Melissa, New York City

“I must say its been a wonderful experience”

Madelyn, from Georgia

“It was worth the travel”

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