A Bigger Size Doesn’t Mean More Pain

Published on February 11, 2019

Bunions come in a wide variety of sizes. With mild bunions, you may only notice a small bump or bony protrusion extending from around the base of the big toe. With severe bunions, the bump is very large and extends far away from the foot, forming a peak with steep slopes.

The size of your bunion is not an indicator of how painful the bunion is. Some large bunions produce little to no pain, while smaller bunions can cause significant discomfort. Larger bunions can become painful based on the type of footwear being used.

The important thing to understand is that it is the size of the bunion that determines its severity, not the amount of pain being produced by the bunion. You should seek professional care for your bunion regardless of how painful it is.

If you need help preventing a small bunion from getting worse, or if you are struggling with the issues caused by a large bunion, contact our office to schedule a consultation with foot and ankle specialist Dr. Neal Blitz. He will provide you with the appropriate level of care you need to address your issues.

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