Are You Experiencing Bursitis as a Result of Your Bunion?

Published on February 28, 2018

There are small sacks of fluid near your joints that provide cushioning for your muscles, bones, and tendons. These small sacks are called bursae and are responsible for reducing any friction that may occur in the joints so that the joints function smoothly.

Repeated movement over the years can place an immense amount of pressure on the bursae. In some cases, the bursae can become inflamed, resulting in a significant amount of pain. This issue is known as bursitis.

There is a bursa located in the big toe joint. Individuals who have developed a bunion may experience bursitis in their big toe joint, which can make the bunion incredibly painful.

Bursitis can be managed through hormone injections and bunion surgery. If you are suffering from bursitis as a result of your bunion, contact our office to schedule a consultation with foot and ankle specialist Dr. Neal Blitz.

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