Correcting a Large Bunion with a Lapidus Bunionectomy

Published on April 14, 2019

In order to correct a large and severe bunion, foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Neal Blitz must perform a Lapidus bunionectomy. This procedure involves precisely removing sections of the foot bone, cutting tightened tendons, and bone mending.

The part of the bone that is cut is the portion that protrudes from the foot and creates the bump of the bunion. There is also a tight tendon located by the big toe that is forcing the top of the big toe towards the second toe. This tendon is cut to release the big toe.

Dr. Blitz then realigns the bones in the toe so that they are straight and in the proper position. Surgical hardware is used to keep the bones in position so that they heal properly.

Another benefit of the Lapidus bunionectomy is that patients do not require a cast or crutches during their recovery. They are able to walk the same day as their procedure.

Contact our office to schedule a consultation. Dr. Neal Blitz will correct your large bunion so that you are able to live a comfortable and full life.

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