Correcting Small to Moderate Bunions

Published on March 24, 2017

Bunions don’t come in one size. Every patient will have a unique bunion size that can be categorized as small, moderate, or large. The procedure and recovery period for correcting small bunions is notably different from the procedure for large bunions, because a different area of the bone is corrected.

For small to moderate bunions, the main issue is usually centered around the top portion of the bone connected to the first joint of your big toe bone. This is the area of the bone that protrudes from the foot and creates the bunion. The top potion of the bone will be cut and then shifted over to its natural position. The shifted bone portion is then screwed into place so it can properly heal.

Dr. Neal Blitz is hailed as one of the leading bunion surgeons around the globe. If you are looking for a surgeon who can restore your normal function and quality of life, contact us to schedule a consultation for your bunionectomy.

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