How Do I Know If Surgery Is My Best Option?

Published on March 28, 2019

Surgery can be a frightening thing for some people. The thought of incisions and stitches can prevent many people who are in need of surgery from taking the steps necessary to properly handle their medical issues. Bunion surgery can be particularly frightening to some because people worry about how debilitated they will be during their recovery.

When it comes to treating your bunion, non-surgical options can provide relief, but when complications from your bunion become worse, surgery is your best option. If you experience pain or find it difficult to walk, or if non-surgical treatments are just not cutting it, it is time to consider surgery.

Bunion specialist Dr. Neal Blitz understands that the choice to undergo surgery is difficult, but he also knows surgery has been able to drastically improve the lives of his patients, and many of them can attest to the fact that surgery is worth it. If you are experiencing difficulties due to your bunion, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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