Non-Surgical Bunion Treatment

Published on August 30, 2016

Bunions are a frustrating annoyance, a structural problem with the foot that are unlikely to go away on their own. For those patients with smaller or less impactful bunions, it may be possible to find a measure of relief through non-surgical bunion treatment.

There are several non-surgical ways you can treat the bunions on the feet. Since you can’t reduce the size of a bunion, look for methods that help to alleviate any associated pain. Many people with bunions try simple measures before looking into bunion surgery.

Padding the toes and using splints and spacers to try and inhibit the progression are common tactics. There are even products available over the counter that can offer limited assistance.

If a bunion causes you to experience extreme pain or disfiguration of the foot, then it’s time to seek out skilled specialist Dr. Neal Blitz in order to get the treatment you need. Contact us today and learn more!

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