Online Consultations for Bunion Surgery

Published on August 10, 2017

Bunion expert Dr. Neil Blitz has revolutionized how effective bunion surgery is thanks to the innovative techniques he has developed. Because of this, patients have traveled from across the globe to have their bunion surgery performed by Dr. Blitz.

We understand how inconvenient and expensive it can be to travel. In order to ensure we are able to provide as many patients as we can with the care they need, we offer long-distance surgical consultations so that Dr. Blitz can assess the extent of your bunion without requiring that you fly to us simply for an initial consultation.

The consultation will take place either on the phone or through Skype, and Dr. Blitz will require pictures of your bunion so that he has a better understanding of your condition.

Contact us to schedule your online consultation. Dr. Blitz will provide you with compassionate and personalized care and will make sure that your time spent with us is a comfortable as possible.

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