The Risk Associated with Wearing High Heels

Published on September 15, 2017

High heels are known as the queen of footwear. They can add that extra little something to your outfit that makes you stand out and can emphasize the length and beauty of your legs. Unfortunately, the way high heels are designed can lead to some unwanted complications.

High heels will often have a narrow tip where the toes are meant to rest. Because the shoe slopes downward, the toes are forcibly jammed into this narrow space. For most women, high heels will only be mildly uncomfortable, but women who regularly wear high heels may notice that the strain being placed on their feet is causing a bunion to form.

Wearing high heels does not guarantee that you will develop a bunion, but they do significantly increase your risk. If you are experiencing pain or other complications due to your footwear, contact our office to schedule a consultation with foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Neal Blitz.

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