Using Shoe Inserts to Treat Bunions

Published on January 13, 2017

Surgery is not the only method for effectively treating a bunion. There are many non-surgical approaches and over-the-counter products available for the treatment and management of bunions.

Shoe inserts, typically in the form of arch supports, are effective devices for treating and reducing the presence of a bunion. Excessive flattening in the foot can contribute to the formation of a bunion. The arch supports help to better align the foot into a more natural position. In more advanced cases, a special insert that is molded to the shape of your foot can be created.

Taking the necessary steps to prevent the formation of a bunion or to prevent it from increasing in severity will be a major help. If your bunion becomes too much of a hindrance in your daily life, contact us to schedule a consultation with bunion specialist Dr. Neal Blitz and discover which treatment he can provide to help improve your life.

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