What Is the Contours Lapidus Plating System?

Published on July 28, 2017

World-renowned bunion expert Dr. Neal Blitz has dedicated his career to improving and pioneering effective surgical solutions for bunions. One of Dr. Blitz’s greatest contributions is the Contours Lapidus Plating System. This device is what allows his patients to walk immediately following their Lapidus bunionectomy procedure.

The Contours Lapidus Plating System is a medical implant that hold the bones of the foot steady and in place during the healing period following your Lapidus bunionectomy procedure. The plate is screwed into the bones to ensure it is secure. Thanks to a special small surgical shoe, patients who receive a Lapidus bunionectomy are able to walk without the assistance of crutches.

Dr. Blitz is passionate about providing excellent care and life-improving results. If you need expert-level care to treat your bunion, contact our office to schedule a consultation for your Lapidus bunionectomy.

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